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A Crown Night of Mystery…Includes Pizza and a Murder

The Rebecca Crown Library is hosting a Murder Mystery Event for Dominican University students starting at 7PM on September 30th. There is limited spots (50 openings) so make sure you arrive early. Be ready to solve the case!

Sign up to reserve a spot through the following link:

Any other questions: Contact Patrick Hussey at either or 708-524-6881




Blind Date With A Book

For Valentine’s Day, the Rebecca Crown Library created a spin on the idea of a blind date and picked some great reads. These books can be brought home and read for your pleasure.

The catch: We want to know how your time together went.  Using Instagram, create a post starting with “I had a blind date with (use book title and author) and…” you fill in the rest.  Let us know if it was a match, a terrible experience, or a rekindled pairing.  You can also tweet us @domlibrary.  Use #dominicanu for any posts.


Banned Books

The Rebecca Crown Library has a brand new display showing off some rap sheets of some of the most banned/challenged authors in recent memory. Some of the authors displayed include Harper Lee (To Kill A Mockingbird), J.K Rowling (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix), and Sherman Alexie (The Absolute True Diary of a Part-Time Indian). The prison chains around some of the materials were created using the 3D Printer in the Media Center of the Rebecca Crown Library.  This display is made in coordination with ALA Banned Books Week.

For the next month, come take a photo of your mug shot and tweet @domlibrary. Use the hashtags #BannedBooks2015 #DULibrary #RebeccaCrownLibrary and #Possibilities.


The Rebecca Crown Library is displaying helpful apps for all students in various forms of college life.  Apps for help inside the classroom include Google Drive, Duolingo, and Canvas.  There are also useful apps for outside of the classroom which include GrubHub, Amazon Student Prime, and AllRecipes Dinner Spinner.  These apps are free in the App Store for Apple Devices and Google Play for Android Devices.  Some film and literature can be checked out as well. Pitch Perfect and The Great Debaters portray different examples of college life. My Roommate is Driving Me Crazy by Susan Fee and The College Fear Factor by Rebecca D. Cox are a few examples of books that provide information about surviving college life.

What is the song of Summer 2015

As the summer is winding down, many new songs have entered into the scene and some have gained massive popularity.  Each year, there is that one song that defines the summer.  In 1992, it was Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Baby Got Back and 1998, Brandy and Monica collaborated to bring the massively successful hit, The Boy Is Mine.  The first summer in the new millennium brought music lovers Bent by Matchbox Twenty.  And, perhaps one of the most important summers in recent memory, Summer 2003 introduced the world to Beyonce Knowles as a solo artist with her hit, Crazy In Love. As summer 2015 comes to a close, we’d love to hear what everyone thinks the summer song for 2015 should be.

Crown Cinemas

Microwave that popcorn because the Rebecca Crown Library is showing some of the massively successful summer blockbusters in the current display.  Ranging from Finding Nemo to Batman Begins and from Jaws to Saving Private Ryan. Relive previous summers with some of these summer released films.  Or enjoy some modern films that you may have not had a chance to see in theaters.

Throwback to the Classics

Summer is a time for fun, sun, and most importantly, finding a song to define the season.  The Rebecca Crown Library is showing off some older but classic material.  Come take a look through some of our more popular CDs ranging from The Lion King to Carmen. There are also DVDs including The Sound of Music, Standing in the Shadows of Motown, and American Folk Blues Festival. For the history buffs, we also have books covering Hip-Hop, Rock, and Pop Music.   Further more, look at the different vinyl cover art and covers on the sheet music to see how art has changed through the years in the display cabinet.