Winners of the Library Excellence in Research Award

Congratulations to the winners of the first annual Library Excellence in Research Awards.  They receive monetary awards for outstanding library research, as displayed in research projects for class and in essays describing their research processes.

Undergraduate 1st Place: Gabrielle Lehmann
Gabrielle is a psychology and art major, graduating this May.  Her winning submission, Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation as Treatment for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, was written for PYSC 372.  It is part of ongoing research.

L-R: Caroline Sietmann, librarian and founder of Award; Felice Maciejewski, University Librarian; Bob Calin-Jagemen, PSYC 372 professor; Gabrielle Lehmann, Award winner

Undergraduate Runner Up: Elizabeth Cronin
Elizabeth majored in English and graduated last December.  Her winning submission, Narrative Devices and Readers’ Empathy in Dickens’ Hard Times, was written for ENG 428.  It is available in Constellation, our digital repository of scholarship.

Undergraduate Runner Up: Rosalyn Wyse
Rosalyn is a sophomore majoring in Biochemistry.  Her winning submission, Dealing with Transnational Environmental Crime, was written for ENG 102.  It is available in Constellation, too.

L-R: Felice Maciejewski, University Librarian; Rosalyn Wyse, Award winner; Elizabeth Cronin, Award winner, Caroline Sietmann, librarian and founder of Award; Sheila Bauer-Gatsos, ENG 428 Professor.  

Start thinking about applying for next year’s awards.  All Dominican University undergraduate and master’s students enrolled in at least one class for the fall 2016 semester and/or the spring 2016 semester, including students who graduate in December 2016, are eligible for the award in 2017.

Thank you to this year’s judges, Caroline Sietmann from the library, Ning Zou for the library, and Adrian Kok from the Graduate School of Social Work, and to Felice Maciejewski, University Librarian, for support of the award.


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