10 Years After Katrina: Commemorating Libraries and Librarians

Reblogging Title and Excerpt from American Libraries

August 29 marks 10 years since Hurricane Katrina made landfall on the Gulf Coast and became the costliest—and one of the deadliest—natural disasters in US history. Over recent weeks, stories have been recounting the damage to structures, institutions, families, and communities; offering tribute to the people lost; and showing how far we’ve come and how far we have left to go toward recovering local economies and populations, improving government services, and healing.

Jefferson Parish (La.) Library’s (JPL) Grand Isle branch (left) destroyed after Hurricane Katrina, and the newly rebuilt Grand Isle Library (right) that opened in 2012. JPL was one of the library systems the State Library of Louisiana communicated with following the storm. Photos: Jefferson Parish Library
In this six-part series, American Libraries looks back at the stories of libraries and librarians in the 10 years since Katrina.

Read the entire series at American Libraries. Also, the HVAC system at the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library was only finished being repaired this month after ten years of using a temporary system.  Read about the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library’s recovery.


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