Author Gives 1.25 Million Dollars to School Libraries

Well known thriller author James Patterson recently announced a donation of $1.25 million to school libraries around the country. To individual institutions, grants from $1,000 to $10,000 will not only be administered, but doubled. James PattersonThe Scholastic Reading Program pledged to match each grant given by Patterson to the schools of his choice. A nomination for these grants can be made for any school that provides education to preschoolers through 12th graders. These schools may be nominated by anyone; from a community member to a teacher, through a simple online process.

The reason behind Patterson’s contribution to libraries is his determination for schoolchildren to be able to obtain bound books, not simply electronic books. He states that finding a book in person has benefits because of human interaction. It is previously known that school libraries have a tight budget and are often neglected financially. The donations from Patterson and the Scholastic Reading Program are intended for libraries to update their books, technology, and reading programs. Small and large donations like Patterson’s are the beginning to preserving a sound environment for learning in both schoolchildren and their school communities.




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