Dominican Adjunct Professor Gives TED Talk

Gathering and sharing experience and knowledge is what TED talks are all about. Standing for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, these conferences are in place to explore how the three broad subjects connect and form the world. Topics that are generally discussed include global issues, science, business, technology, and the arts. Each TED talk is 18 minutes and may include performances and presentations. Many of these talks are subsequently made available on the internet. Audience from around the world may also view these conferences online via live-streaming video. TEDxIIT is a student organization created with goals to host TED, a world class event, on their campus and spread the experience to neighboring communities. 

Dominican University’s own Dr. Kate Webster was selected to give a TED talk at the TEDxIIT event on April 12th, 2015 in the IIT Auditorium. She will be discussing how “we can believe in ourselves and connect mind and body to communicate authentically” through her presentation “Quiet Power: The Key to Speaking Up.” The theme for TED talks in 2015 is X-Fusion. What is fusion? According to TEDxIIT, fusion is “combining things together to form something new. The range can be from technology to culture; from the subatomic level to the global economy. The idea could have already been done in the past, doing it now or will be doing so in the future. The idea could be in the field of technology, humanity or basic needs.” TED talks have a wide based audience and bring up important topics to the public eye thanks to its vastly knowledgeable speakers.

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