Bestselling Author Jennifer Holland at Chicago Library Today

Discussing her new book Unlikely Heroes, –which can be checked out through I-Share– bestselling author Jennifer Holland will be at the Harold Washington Library Center today from 6:00-8:00 p.m. Through Chicago’s “One Book, One Chicago” program, Holland will be conversing with radio show host Susan Frank about personalities of animals that are not well-known. Concluding the program, Holland will be selling her newest book,  Unlikely Heroes, and will be available for meet and greets.





Dominican Adjunct Professor Gives TED Talk

Gathering and sharing experience and knowledge is what TED talks are all about. Standing for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, these conferences are in place to explore how the three broad subjects connect and form the world. Topics that are generally discussed include global issues, science, business, technology, and the arts. Each TED talk is 18 minutes and may include performances and presentations. Many of these talks are subsequently made available on the internet. Audience from around the world may also view these conferences online via live-streaming video. TEDxIIT is a student organization created with goals to host TED, a world class event, on their campus and spread the experience to neighboring communities. 

Dominican University’s own Dr. Kate Webster was selected to give a TED talk at the TEDxIIT event on April 12th, 2015 in the IIT Auditorium. She will be discussing how “we can believe in ourselves and connect mind and body to communicate authentically” through her presentation “Quiet Power: The Key to Speaking Up.” The theme for TED talks in 2015 is X-Fusion. What is fusion? According to TEDxIIT, fusion is “combining things together to form something new. The range can be from technology to culture; from the subatomic level to the global economy. The idea could have already been done in the past, doing it now or will be doing so in the future. The idea could be in the field of technology, humanity or basic needs.” TED talks have a wide based audience and bring up important topics to the public eye thanks to its vastly knowledgeable speakers.

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Tired of Presenting with the Same Old Software? Learn Prezi, Haiku Deck, and Google Sites at Crown Library this Thursday!

Are you tired of using the same old software for meetings and presentations? Looking for a new way to present information to your colleagues?

We are offering one last Prezi/Haiku Deck workshop this semester.
These free tools are easy to use and will help you create dynamic and effective presentations.

The workshop is on Thursday, March 19 from 4:00-5:15 p.m. in Crown 111.

We also have workshops and webinars on Google Sites and other free web site building tools this month.  See the workshop calendar for more information.


Hoax Wikipedia Articles

With anyone from the public being able to edit its pages, Wikipedia reaches a wide range of viewers, and not always in the best way. Various articles have been found on Wikipedia that contain highly false information, and are considered hoaxes. Wikipedia states that a hoax is “a clear or blatant attempt to make something up.” Thankfully, Wikipedia made a list showing all of the hoax articles that have been found on their website; but of course, these are only the ones they know about. This list contains over 150 articles found that contained clear or blatant misinformation, with the longest hoax lasting 9 years and 8 months. Be careful of where you are finding your information, and stay alert for any articles that might be a hoax.

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10 New Math Books Added to Our Collection

Check out these new books at Rebecca Crown Library and gain a deeper understanding of the subject. Math is the common theme, but each book covers a unique and interesting topic. Explore how we interact with calculus everyday with Oscar E. Fernandez’s Everyday Calculus: Discovering the Hidden Math All Around Us. Go back in time and read about how the ancient Egyptians used math in Count Like An Egyptian: A Hands-On Introduction to Ancient Mathematics by David Reimer. Explaining Beauty in Mathematics: An Aesthetic Theory of Mathematics by Ulianov Montano provides a mathematical approach to aesthetics and will interest math enthusiasts as well as artists.  Challenge yourself and learn what’s new in the world of math by reading one of these titles. Enjoy!

All  of these books are currently shelved at the new book shelf next to Crown 111

  • Infinitesimal: How a Dangerous Mathematical Theory Shaped the Modern World by Amir R Alexander

Learn about the history of infinitesimals and how they caused a shift to a more informal and practical reasoning in mathematics.

  • How Not to Be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking by Jordan Ellenberg

This book explains how math is not only taught to be taught, but rather to promote structure, deep understanding, and abstract thinking.

  •  Everyday Calculus: Discovering the Hidden Math All Around Us by Oscar E. Fernandez

This book describes how we use calculus in everyday activities, and contains an appendix with equations for all levels.

  •  An Aristotelian Realist Philosophy of Mathematics: Mathematics as the Science of Quantity and Structure by James Franklin

This book discusses the Aristotelian philosophy of mathematics and how it relates to the real world. The author presents different arguments and viewpoints and discusses 10 different proofs.

  •   Taming the Unknown: History of Algebra from Antiquity to the Early Twentieth Century by Victor J. Katz and Karen Hunger Parshall.

Learn the history of algebra with this detailed work taking the reader from the Ancient Egyptians to the 20th century

  •  Explaining Beauty in Mathematics: An Aesthetic Theory of Mathematics by Ulianov Montano

The author describes the beauty in mathematics. The book discusses the “aesthetic process” which combines different theories.

  •  Transcendental Numbers by M. Ram Murty and Purusottam Rath.

This is a new work on transcendental numbers that presents existing theories and proofs as well as new research by the authors. This book is for higher level students.

  •  The Calculus Diaries: How Can You Lose Weight, Win in Vegas, and Survive a Zombie Apocalypse by Jemmifer Ouellette

How can calculus change one’s understanding of life? This book explains how to use calculus to improve the quality of life.

  •   Count like an Egyptian: A Hands-on Introduction to Ancient Mathematics By David Reimer

Go back to Ancient Egypt and learn math!

  •   Do I Count?: Stories from Mathematics by Gunter M. Ziegler tr. by Thomas von Foerster

This is a book of mathematical essays covering topics such as cardinal and ordinal numbers, adopting the Gregorian calendar, and the lack of skepticism for quantitative information.

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Barack Obama’s Presidential Library and Museum Location to be Announced this Month

The Barack H. Obama Foundation was created in January 2014. This non-profit organization is in place to create programs, expand projects, and define initiatives. These acts are pursued through public service of the President and the First Lady, subsequent to President Barack Obama leaving the White House in January 2017. Partnering with the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), the Barack H. Obama Foundation is taking on the Presidential Library and Museum as their first major project. Post-presidency, the President and the First Lady have the opportunity to continue their benevolent activities through the creation of this project.

The 1st Presidential Library was that of Franklin D. Roosevelt. With belief that American history should be both preserved and public, President Roosevelt donated his Presidential papers and historical material to the federal government in 1939. Thanks to the NARA and Roosevelt’s inspiration, there are now 13 Presidential libraries and museums. For the 14th, Barack Obama states that the Presidential Library and Museum is being created in hopes of “expanding economic opportunity, inspiring an ethic of citizenship and promoting peace, justice and dignity throughout the world.”

The location of this library and museum will be decided by First Lady Michelle Obama in March 2015. The finalists for the location are the University of Chicago, the University of Illinois at Chicago, Columbia University, and the University of Hawaii. Regardless of where the Barack Obama Presidential Library and Museum is located, it will bring many opportunities, knowledge, and spirit to not only it’s city, but it’s country. 

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Six Books to Read During Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month, and what better way to celebrate women than to read about their lives? Here are six books written by women, about women, and for everyone. This list includes a mixture of non-fiction and fiction, love, humor, success, and heart-break. Take a look, pick out a title, and start celebrating.

Click the titles to find these books in I-Share Libraries


by Sophia Amoruso

Tells the story of how the author founded her company Nasty Gal and offers advice for women to overcome obstacles and be their own boss.


by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Separated from her love, Obinze, when she moves to the United States from Nigeria to pursue her education, Ifemelu experiences racism for the first time. After finding hard fought success in the U.S., she decides to move back to Nigeria where she will be reunited with the now married Obinze.

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? And Other Concerns

by Mindy Kaling

Hard work and not peaking in high school are what led the author to a successful writing and acting career. These essays are written with the same quick humor that blends fantasy and the ugly truth Kaling is known for.

The Blazing World

by Siri Hustvedt

Harriet, an artist, is not getting the attention she deserves from the sexist art world, so she decides to credit her new artwork to three different male artists. Will her trick become a brave piece of performance art, or will it backfire and ruin her career?

The Book of Unknown Americans

by Cristina Henriquez

This story follows the lives of a Mexican family who move to America to provide their daughter, Maribel with the care she needs. Problems arise when Maribel falls in love with the boy next door.

Yes Please

by Amy Poehler

This hilarious set of essays describes how Amy Poehler fell in love with improv and how the values of saying yes and supporting your team have guided her through her relationships and career.

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