Fair Use Week

Fair Use Infographic

The limitation and exception of the right for the public to use copyrighted material without the owner of the work’s permission is defined as “fair use.” Around the world, online material is viewed for various reasons. With the internet now possessing an infinite amount of information and resources, people including scholars, authors, scientists, and children are able to use it to their advantage, criticize it, or even quote the works of others.

According to the Association of Research Libraries,“Fair Use Week” is February 23rd to February 27th  and is an international celebration of the limitations that protect authors and their work. Copyright law is in place to promote creativity and essentially endorse the progress of cultural and scientific expansion. This week is used as a time for understanding and explanation of fair use, as well as to encourage conversations about what opportunities arise from it.

Without fair use, there would be no critique or commentary, no new technologies or advancements, and people would be unable to quote any resources that they might find. Being a fundamental right, fair use supports the purpose of copyright and these laws allow commentary, parody, quotation, and criticism in the United States. This doctrine is an important part of America and is therefore celebrated during this week of February.

 Visit FairUseWeek.org

Photo Credit forFair Use Logo: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Fair_use_logo.svg


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