Fair Use Week

Fair Use Infographic

The limitation and exception of the right for the public to use copyrighted material without the owner of the work’s permission is defined as “fair use.” Around the world, online material is viewed for various reasons. With the internet now possessing an infinite amount of information and resources, people including scholars, authors, scientists, and children are able to use it to their advantage, criticize it, or even quote the works of others.

According to the Association of Research Libraries,“Fair Use Week” is February 23rd to February 27th  and is an international celebration of the limitations that protect authors and their work. Copyright law is in place to promote creativity and essentially endorse the progress of cultural and scientific expansion. This week is used as a time for understanding and explanation of fair use, as well as to encourage conversations about what opportunities arise from it.

Without fair use, there would be no critique or commentary, no new technologies or advancements, and people would be unable to quote any resources that they might find. Being a fundamental right, fair use supports the purpose of copyright and these laws allow commentary, parody, quotation, and criticism in the United States. This doctrine is an important part of America and is therefore celebrated during this week of February.

 Visit FairUseWeek.org

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One Earth Film Festival and E-waste Drive Today

From http://www.greencommunityconnections.org/one-earth-film-festival-2015-schedule/
From http://www.greencommunityconnections.org/one-earth-film-festival-2015-schedule/

Tonight, Tuesday, February 24, Dominican University will show the film “Ground Operations” as part of the One Earth Film Festival.  The film begins at 7pm in the Lund Auditorium, Fine Arts Building, and is free with a Dominican University ID.

“Ground Operations” is a new documentary about veterans returning home and finding peace and employment in sustainable agriculture.  A Q & A with veterans and those who work in Veterans Affairs will follow the film.

Bring with you broken or unwanted electronics for Vet Tech, a local nonprofit that trains returning veterans in the IT field and manages a responsible e-waste recycling program.  The collection box is available all day on the 24th in the lobby outside the Auditorium.  See the list of accepted electronics: ElectronicsRecyclingAcceptedItems

Join the University Ministry and PAUSE

In the midst of the semester, many people find themselves becoming overly busy and stressed. Find peace through contemplation by joining the Dominican community in a week of stress relief. The University Ministry is sponsoring an event called ‘PAUSE: A Week of Contemplation in Community’ for students, staff, and faculty.  From February 23rd to the 27th, the Dominican Community is joining the University Ministry in multiple events listed below:

Monday, February 23:        12:00 pm MaDonna Thelen is leading                                                                     meditation in Rosary Chapel

Tuesday, February 24:        12:00 pm there is a scheduled communal                                                              walk in Noonan Reading Room

                                                          2:30 pm Pray the Rosary with the SLAM                                                               team in Rosary Chapel

Wednesday, February 25: 12:00 pm there is an Interfaith Prayer                                                                     Service in Rosary Chapel

Thursday, February 26:      12:00 pm Scripture Sharing with Javier                                                                  Reyes in Rosary Chapel

                                                           2:30 pm there is a scheduled communal                                                                walk in Noonan Reading Room

Friday February 27:             12:00 pm Dianne Costanzo will introduce                                                             Aikido in Springer Suites

                                                          8:00 pm Pause & Paint with SLAM Res life                                                           in CCMPR

There will be daily mass in the Rosary Chapel at 5:00 pm.

With any questions or further inquiries contact the University Ministry at ministry@dom.edu.

Books Made Into Movies

The library brings you its Readbox, featuring books that were made into movies.  See, and check out, The Great Gatsby and the 2013 movie version starring Leonardo DiCaprio.  Perhaps a less obvious pairing is Hamlet and The Lion King.  Look for these, and other books made into movies, on our 1st floor display shelves.  Bring the book and/or DVD case to the circulation desk for checkout.  They’re free!


Transform the Way You Research, Build Websites, Present, and Cite Sources at a Workshop/Webinar Next Week

Transform the way you…


Advanced Web Search & Google Scholar Workshop – Get more from your Google searches and find reliable web sites quickly.

Monday, February 23rd from 4-5:15 pm in Crown 111

Build web sites:

e-Portfolio & Website Creation Tools Workshop – Create professional e-portfolios using Google Sites and other free tools.

Tuesday, February 24th from 4-5:15 pm in Crown 111


Prezi & Other Presentation Tools Workshop – Do you want to wow your classmates, colleagues, and students? Learn to use Prezi and other free tools to create dynamic, effective presentations.

Wednesday, February 25th from 4-5:15 pm in Crown 111

WEBINAR Thursday, February 26th 6:30-7:45 pm

Cite Sources:

Zotero Workshop – Save all your sources – books, articles, and web sites – in one place and automatically create bibliographies and in-text citations.

WEBINAR Wednesday, February 25th from 6:30-7:45 pm

Thursday, February 26th from 4-5:15 pm in Crown 111

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The Library has New Resources for the Brennan School of Business!

Hello faculty and students of the Brennan School of Business!

The Rebecca Crown Library has recently acquired a fresh new collection of resources specifically for the Brennan School of Business. There is a total of twelve new items reflecting the topics of general business, accounting, economics, international marketing, and organizational behavior. All titles were selected based off of research performed from Dominican’s dependable review resource databases: CHOICE Reviews and Book Index with Reviews. The importance of the currency of new resources cannot be overestimated, and so to ensure currency and accuracy, no chosen selection predates a 2011 publication date, and the vast majority of the rest of the selection was published in 2013.

It is our sincere hope that these resources will positively aid your scholastic and professional careers by providing the most valuable and current resources to learn from and work with.

Below you will find a comprehensive list of the newly acquired resources with a brief description of each title’s contents.


  1. Branding Your Business: Promote Your Business, Attract Customers and Build Your Brand Through the Power of Emotion (Business Success)
    by James Hammond

This book focuses on the overall branding of a business through various topics. Topics include the “brand halo, the latest philosophies of branding, advice on branding, how to conduct brand audits, branding used with social media, and discussions on how to benefit from marketing and psychological strategies.

  1. Scale: Seven Proven Principles to Grow Your Business and Get Your Life Back
    by Jeff Hoffman et al.

This book offers strategies to initiate business growth without sacrificing personal freedom. Included information relates to three core elements that creates a stable base for business, discussions focusing on how to avoid general mistakes, and seven principles that help scale a business. These authors provide a comprehensive guide to help business owners be successful without having to sacrifice their personal lives.

  1. Balance: The Economics of Great Powers from Ancient Rome to Modern America
    by Glenn Hubbard et al.

This book offers a historical perspective that examines past events that demonstrate why powerful civilizations fall apart due to financial insecurities. The book continues by discussing issues and examples regarding America’s current problematic economy.  In conclusion, the book offers constructive strategies that may prevent a financial collapse in America.


  1. The International Dictionary of Accounting Acronyms
    by Jae K. Shim

This is a contemporary reference resource that defines 2,500 common and uncommon acronyms broadly relating to anything invested in the subject of accounting. Explanations are provided for each acronym, as well as calculations when necessary. Valuable internet sites for further exploration are also provided.

  1. The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Financial Statements
    by David Worrell et al.

This book teaches financial management for small businesses. Various tools and strategies are provided that aim to help small business owners become profitable and secure while exemplifying the extreme importance finances are when related to success.

  1. Called to Account: Financial Frauds that Shaped the Accounting Profession
    by Paul M. Clikeman

This resource demonstrates how financial fraud has influenced the overall profession. Various accounts of fraud from all over the world are presented throughout the text. The resource includes discussion questions and charts for classroom use.

International Marketing:

  1. Understanding the Global Market: Navigating the International Business Environment
    by Bruce D. Keillor

This book provides insight into the global market by analyzing cultural, economic, and political challenges that consistently appear in international business affairs. The main goal of this resource is to provide perspectives and strategies that will aid businesses in international marketing success.

  1. Globalization, Culture, and Branding: How to Leverage Cultural Equity for Building Iconic Brands in the Era of Globalization
    by Carlos J. Torelli

This book analyzes recent globalization trends and how they are uses to create a successful business marketing strategy for multi-cultural consumers. Discussions revolve around strategies to develop successful international marketing by understanding cultural diversity and its relationship to the changes in supply and demand.

  1. Branding the Nation: The Global Business of National Identity
    by Melissa Aronczyk

This book discusses the problems and effects that nation branding can have upon cultural, political and social national identities. Included is a collection of case studies and interviews with nation branding experts from twelve different countries whom discuss their experiences with the problems and benefits of national branding.

Organizational Behavior:

  1. Ethical Leadership: Creating and Sustaining an Ethical Business Culture
    by Andrew Leigh

This book focuses on the delicate balance between cultural diversity and ethical leadership by discussing the ways that cultural diversity can affect leadership. Strategies, case studies and action plans are all discussed in order to present more efficient and successful means of ethical leadership.

  1. The Complete Marketer: 60 Essential Concepts for Marketing Excellence
    by Malcolm McDonald et al.

This book is an essential research resource for the fundamentals of Marketing. It contains easily comprehensible definitions for terms, concepts, and other basics. Topics include digital marketing, market audits, forecasting sales, advertising, and public relations, among others.

  1. Six Simple Rules: How to Manage Complexity without Getting Complicated
    by Yves Morieux et al.

This book discusses six ways to simplify the overwhelming complexity of business organization. Complete with successful examples and demonstrations, this resource offers the opportunity to decrease the increasing complexity of the business trade while still managing to remain successful and profitable.


The Rebecca Crown Library at Dominican University cares about you and your success. We believe that the best way we can aid you is by providing the most recent and highly recommended resources for your field. Hopefully, these new resources will ultimately prove to be valuable and help you become accomplished within your educational and professional lives.

If you have any questions or concerns about the items on this list, please feel free to email the library at reference@dom.edu. After all, this collection is for you. We want to make sure that we are providing you with the resources you need.

Have a happy and successful semester. We look forward to seeing you in the library.


~*Barb Posinger

Graduate Student Reference Worker

Rebecca Crown Library; Dominican University

Complete Google’s Security Checkup Today and Add 2GB to your Google Drive

Google is promoting a quick and simple security checkup in honor of February 10th’s Safer Internet Day. Not only does this security checkup allow users to review the devices connected to their Google account, it also allows its users to review the locations they were recently active in. In addition, users can update all of their recovery information—recovery email, security questions, and phone numbers—in case of an account intrusion.

If you are not sold yet,  completing this checkup by February 17th comes with benefits. Google will permanently add 2 extra gigabytes to your Google Drive storage plan! A simplistic security check taking under 3 minutes is a great opportunity to assure your own privacy and gain some extra storage.

Proceed to Google’s security Checkup


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