What goes best with a bright new semester? A NEW BOOK!

You read right! 2015 is here and with that, Spring semester has officially begun for all you students out there. I’m certain you all have studiously, devotedly, and faithfully begun preparing for your new classes… heh… ~*AHEM*~ Even if that’s only *partially* true, why don’t you go on ahead, and grab a nice book or two to help ensure your sanity throughout the semester!

The Popular Literature section in the Rebecca Crown Library is popping with mystifying and eternally intriguing titles for diverse personalities to enjoy!

For those who love Mystery and Thriller books, feel free to thrill your bones with titles such as:


Raven Black by Anne Cleeves:

The strangled body of teenager Catherine Ross is found resting upon the calm, white snow one cold, winter morning in Shetland, Scotland. Fiery suspicions begin to rise over the small island town as locals begin to adamantly point their fingers at the one man they are most certain committed the heinous crime: Mr.Magnus Tait. Known to be a loner, Tait had been a previous suspect for the disappearance of a young girl that happened years before. However, detective Jimmy Perez is not so convinced Tait is the killer… Follow Detective Perez on his thrilling journey as he attempts to discover the true killer.

Raven Black is the first novel in the Shetland series. It was voted the best crime novel of the year and thus won the Duncan Lawrie Dagger Award.


Doctor Sleep by Stephen King:

In the bone-chilling sequel to The Shining, Danny Torrance returns as a grown man, still traumatized by the events that transpired at the Overlook Hotel. Attempting to get his life back on track after a severe relationship with alcohol , Danny settles down in New Hampshire and joins an AA group. As Danny grows sober, his psychic “shining abilities” return. He uses them to give comfort to those in need and earns the title “Doctor Sleep.” It is not long before Dan experiences an unusual psychic connection with the young Abra Stone, and over time a bond of friendship grows between them. One night, Abra unintentionally witnesses a serious crime committed by the True Knot; an organization that hunts people with “shining” abilities in order to ingest the “steam” that occurs when they are slowly eliminated. Before long, the True Knot makes Abra a target. Danny and Abra must work together if they hope to save Abra’s life from the faithless True Knot organization.


For those who get swept off their feet by lovely Romance novels, be ready to swoon while reading titles such as:


Angels Fall by Nora Roberts:

Sole survivor of a brutal and viscous attack back home, Reece Gilmore attempts to start a new life in Angel’s Fist, Wyoming. However, constant panic and terror seem to have followed her everywhere since then, and she tries to ease her mind with exercise. One morning, resting at the top of a mountain after a long hike, Reece finds herself witnessing something not meant for her eyes: a murder. She panics and runs. She manages to find Brody down the way and frantically describes what she’s seen. Before long, the police are called, yet they find no signs of foul play at the site of the murder… Reece is certain of what she saw and tries to convince the town there’s a murder in their midst, but no one seems to believe her except Brody. Reece and Brody must work together if they want to catch the killer, before the killer decides to come after them.


Veil of Night by Linda Howard:

Wedding planner, Jaclyn Wilde, slowly loses patience with bride-to-be Carrie Edwards. The purest definition of “bridezilla,” Carrie has been driving everyone mad with her derisive comments and tantrums. Imagine everyone’s surprise when Carrie turns up brutally murdered. It is not long before accusations and suspicions run rampant, for everyone had their own motive to off the nasty bride. Detective Eric Wilder is called in to investigate, yet finds himself at a crossroads when Jaclyn turns out to be a suspect, for Wilder and Jaclyn shared quite the romantic evening the night before… As Wilder and Jaclyn attempt to keep their feverish feelings in check, a killer plots to strike again.


For those who love Adventure and Fantasy, prepare to be launched into another world by reading these titles:


A Dance with Dragons by George R.R. Martin:

Following the aftermath of a war that nearly destroyed the Seven Kingdoms, tension still runs rampant, trust is extinguished, and the lands are burned. In the north, Jon Snow is revisited at the Wall, preparing to face an enemy he doesn’t understand. In Slaver’s Bay, Daenerys Targaryen attempts to rule a ruined city of liars, thieves, and killers- none of whom want her there. Across the Narrow Sea, Tyrian Lannister finds himself traveling an epic journey in an attempt to find the young queen Daenerys, herself. However, his traveling comrades are not all as they appear. In Braavos, Arya Stark intensively trains with the Faceless Men, a band of assassins. In King’s Landing, Cersei Lannister attempts to gain freedom from her imprisonment, yet finds herself having to sacrifice more than she anticipated.

Follow a total of eighteen different character perspectives in A Dance with Dragons in order to uncover the full story.

A Dance with Dragons is the 5th book in the Song of Ice and Fire Series.


Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins:

Katniss Everdeen has survived the games, but life has not gone back to normal. If anything, it has gotten worse. She’s constantly haunted by the Games. People look at and treat her differently. Even her family hesitates around her. Most disconcertingly, there are rumors that she kick-started a rebellion against the capitol. None of these things are what she ever wanted, yet they infect her like a plague.  As if things couldn’t get worse, the annual Victor’s Tour was vastly approaching. One day prior to the tour, Katniss came home to find President Snow in the study. Her heart sank and her suspicions rose. He explaiedn to her that she still held the responsibility to convince the capitol of her unconditional love for Peeta and in doing so, put the threats of rebellion to rest. If she could not convince him, the consequences would be dire. Inside her, a fire burns. A fire of anger, and hatred, and fight. The futures of her family and friends lies in the palm of her hands; yet, she is uncertain of what the future has in store for her.

Catching Fire is the second book in the Hunger Games Trilogy.


These titles are just a few of many that Rebecca Crown Library has just sitting… waiting… dreaming for YOU to come snatch them from their captive shelves. Come save them and they will reward you with adventure, love, and mystery! At the very least, they sure will help make the semester a tad more enjoyable. 😉

That’s all for now!
See you all again in two weeks with my next entry. Perhaps I shall *WoW* you with some curiously insightful information as to how the act of ~reading for pleasure~ (meaning, reading what you actually like) can BENEFIT you! Hm… Yes… On further consideration, I think I shall. Who wouldn’t want to learn more about how reading what you want can actually increase intelligence and well-being?

Goodnight, readers.

With love and admiration,

~*Barb Posinger

Graduate Student Reference Assistant; Rebecca Crown Library