Dominican Celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month

Dominican University takes a strong initiative in fostering the education of diversity both on campus and in the wider community. September 15 through October 15 is celebrated as the National Hispanic Heritage Month. In lieu of our diversity initiative the Rosary College of Arts and Sciences, the Office of Academic Success and Diversity, and the Dominican University Alumnae/i Association will be hosting the 11th Annual Hispanic Heritage Reception. For the past 11 years Dominican University has been honoring the history and heritage of our proud Dominican family in recognition of this event.
Rebecca Crown Library is also a proud contributor to the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month through our collection of Latin/Hispanic authors.  Crown Library houses authors such as Ana Castillo, Sandra Cisneros, José Gamaliel Gonzalez and Reymundo Sanchez, just to name a few.
La Casa en Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros 
A 1984 coming-of-age novel dealing with the young Esperanza Cordero’s experience and assimilation to growing up in Chicago amongst the Chicanos and Puerto Ricans. The novel takes us through Esperanza’s journey in finding a better life and having to “say goodbye” to the impoverished Latin neighborhood is all so familiar with.
Bringing Aztlan to Mexican Chicago by José Gamaliel Gonzalez
An autobiography by José Gamaliel Gonzalez, an artists empowering his marginalized and oppressed community, on his reflection of his life and role present within the developing Mexican, Chicano and Latino art within the city he calls home.
Lady Q by Reymundo Sanchez 
A raw and powerful memoir highlighting Sonia Rodriquez’s struggle in her survival on the streets as well as well as holding top rank within a new mafia, the Latin Kings and becoming a Latin Queen.

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