National Yo-Yo Day

Prior to the increase popularity of cellphones, laptops and technology for that matter, a childhood classic toy was the yo-yo. As simplistic and effortless as a yo-yo may seem,  it was without a doubt the occupation of most childhood free time, along with dolls and toy trucks.

Today is the perfect day to reminisce in those yo-yo memories because June 6th is National Yo-Yo day! Why June 6th you may ask? June 6th was declared National Yo-Yo day because today is believed to be Donald Duncan Sr.’s  birthday. Donald Duncan Sr. was not the first person to begin yo-yo production but after seeing its captivation of children attention he took the lead in the production and design of yo-yo’s since 1931.

I’m sure somewhere in the application world,  a yo-yo app has already been designed, but lets enjoy this flashback moment to remember all the tricks and spins we had learned on our yo-yo.

Learn more about your childhood toy,  the yo-yo

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