“A Bunch of Stuff You Can Do With Google”

The Google Tips page is described by Google as:

A bunch of stuff you can do with Google.

How it works

Find a card you like and “flip” it over to learn more. You can share your favorites with friends and even suggest tips for us to add. We’ll keep adding new cards, so come back often to check out what’s new.

 Other Search Options

Learning more advanced Google features is helpful for finding information–and with other Google platforms–storing your own information.

Keep in mind, there are some other interesting search options out there:

DuckDuckGo – Focused on privacy along with a number of growing features to make searching more intuitive

MillionShort – Filters out up to the first million search engine results to get deeper into the results

Unbiasly – Uses crowdsourcing as a way to find less biased sources



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