Bowling Tonight!

We have the tendency to believe that if we are doing something (and are actually enjoying ourselves)during this day and age chances are it was not around much longer before us. However, a sport that many of us have partaken in at least once in our lives has been around since Ancient Egypt.

That very familiar sport I am referring to is bowling! Remnants of bowling balls and bowls have been found that can be traced back to Ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire 3,000-5,000 years ago. Another account of bowling’s’ ancient ancestry comes from Roman legionaries engagement in the sport over 2,000 years ago when stone objects were tossed which thereafter inspired outdoor bowling and Italian Bocce. Fast forward a couple thousand years, in New York City in 1895 the first ever standardized rules for indoor bowling were constructed and instituted.

With that said, Dominican University hosts free bowling for Dominican students (with ID’s) at Circle Bowl, located at 7244 Circle Ave in Forest Park, throughout the semester on Mondays, from 10 p.m. until midnight

…And after playing a few games come by the Crown library and read up a little more on bowling (click here for bowling section).

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