Any start up companies out there?

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office is partnering with 1871, a company in Chicago that helps start ups connect with investors and advice.  They are launching a nationwide competition for companies started by college students.  It’s name is Chicago College Start Up Competition.  They will come to Chicago, present their business to a panel, and if they win, they will receive free rent and services offered by 1871 in Merchandise Mart.  Why on earth is the mayor’s office focusing on this?

Well, YouTube and PayPal both have origins in Chicago, and both left Chicago for the West Coast.  The mayor is hoping to have new start up companies make connections in the city of Chicago.  He’s hoping these connections will be strong enough to keep start up companies from fleeing to the coasts.  He wants to start a new tech revolution right here in the city of Chicago.  Get your submissions in, Dominican University!  The winners will be announced at “ThinkChicago: Lollapalooza” during the first week of August.

Image Credit: Nikopoley, Wikimedia Commons

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