Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Today is commemorated as the Feast day of Saint Patrick and has been celebrated annually on March 17th since the seventeenth century. However, to your dismay St. Patrick was not initially from Ireland bu twas born in Roman Britain.This feast day was introduced by Catholic Church to mark the arrival of Christianity in Ireland as well as revere the Irish culture and heritage.  Today the feast day of St. Patrick is celebrated through parades, festivals, green apparel and shamrocks. On this day everybody is invited to be Irish and  join in on the celebrations!

Here are some Fast Facts about St. Patrick:

  • St. Patrick’s birth name was: Maewyn Succat
  • Shamrock in Gaelic is: Young Clover
  • St. Patrick’s day became a national holiday in Ireland 1903
  • Irish Soda bread is infamous in St. Patrick’s day feasts

To learn more about St. Patrick visit the collections in the Rebecca Crown Library.




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