Happy Birthday, Toni Morrison!

Toni Morrison was born today in 1931.  She was born in Loraine, Ohio, before moving on to study humanities at Cornell and Howard universities.  She made her debut in 1970 with The Bluest Eye.  In 1993 she became the first African-American woman to win the Nobel Prize for Literature.  No American has won this prestigious prize since.  According to the Nobel committee, Morrison has “…epic power, [an] unerring ear for dialogue, and poetically charged and richly expressive depictions of Black America.”  1993 was a year with ups and downs for the author.  Her home burned down while she was writing a manuscript that would turn into her future novel Paradise.  Thankfully, the manuscript was located in her office at Princeton University.

Besides Morrison’s breadth of work, the Library Journal has some great reading recommendations for African-American history month.  As always, you can cross reference these titles with the Rebecca Crown Library’s catalog to find them.


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