New Nutritional Labels Coming to a Store Near You

The current nutritional label on the side of all of your favorite foods is 20 years old.  The only changes it has undergone is separating out the trans fats from the regular fats in 2006.  The FDA has been working on new labels for the past ten years, and have finally submitted the new guidelines to the White House.  Expect big changes ahead.  Health advocates are weighing in on what kinds of changes they would like to see:

  • Add percentages of whole wheat.
  • Change the weight scale from grams to teaspoons.
  • Make added sugars clearer.
  • Place labels on the front of the package.
  • Make the information clearer.

Currently, the FDA is remaining quiet on what kind of changes they proposed.  Accordingly, people are reading these labels more often, and most people think it’s time for a change.  Do you think it is time for a change?  What do you think should be added to these labels?


Jalonik, M.C., (2014). “FDA to Revise Nutrition Fact Labels” Chicago Sun-Times. Retrieved from:

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