WBEZ’s Curious City and Library Research

Ever wonder what makes the Kennedy slow down right after the junction?  How about some of the limits that the city warming centers might encounter during the winter?  Or maybe even where you can hunt in the city of Chicago (yes, you can do that)?  WBEZ Chicago has a great blog and podcast called Curious City and you can go here to find the answers to some of your questions.  You can even vote on the question that you would like answered next or suggest a question.  Submitting a debate is a good way to figure out the true winner.

Otherwise, it is a great resource to brush up on Chicago knowledge, or maybe lend some ideas for your next research paper.  Either way, the reporters responsible for these stories do their due diligence in finding the answer to your questions.  Even when those questions are finding out whether or not Chicago city street cleaning is operating 100% above board.  As always, the choice is yours when evaluating the articles and information that you read.   You can even cross reference the information you just learned with our catalog!

Image credit from Wikipedia.


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