Easy Steps to take to Protect Your Data

Data Privacy Day was two days ago on January 28th.  No worries, though!  You didn’t miss anything if you choose to evaluate how you protect your data today.  Stay Safe Online is powered by the National Cyber Security Alliance and has some great tips to keep yourself protected.

The internet is a strange and confusing place sometimes.  It can be difficult to understand how to keep yourself protected.  As a general rule you should be following some of these easy steps.  Keep your machine clean by watching out for malware, spam & phishing, hacked accounts, and make sure you secure your own private network.  This doesn’t stop at just your computer, either.  Your mobile phone can be hacked as well.  If the NSA has time to get some of your private data through your latest Angry Birds game, imagine what a determined hacker can do to obtain sensitive information!  Stay Safe Online even has a place to go to help parents with cyber bullying.

Remember that the internet is ever changeable, and rules can change quickly.  Keep an eye out for any new online threats (don’t ignore them!).  As Stay Safe Online says: own your online presence.  Once you become responsible for it, the internet may seem less scary every day.


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