Is 60 Minutes Losing its Authority?

On October 27th 2013, 60 Minutes produced an interview with hired security agent Dylan Davies.  Just days after this interview aired, Davies’ account of what happened that day was discredited as the story he told the FBI was completely different.  60 Minutes placed the reporter responsible for the segment and interview on leave, and promised to make changes so that it would never happen again.  Some people believe it has with 60 Minutes‘ most recent interview with Anthony Bosch.

Alex Rodriguez is being accused of using performance enhancing drugs, even though he has passed all tests administered by the MLB.  His accuser is Anthony Bosch, the man who ran an anti-aging clinic in South Florida where Rodriguez, apparently, obtained these drugs.    60 Minutes aired its interview with Bosch, Bud Selig, and MLB lawyer Rob Manfred and is getting some heat from other media outlets who are concerned that the program was not critical enough of Anthony Bosch’s side of the story.

It is important to remember to always be critical of all types of information that is received.  Even reliable sources can be wrong some time.  When in question, try cross checking your information against another reliable source. does a fun job of evaluating reporting, especially at the end of the year.


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