Upcoming IMPACT Seminar on Jan 20, 2014 – Register Today

IMPACT Mission & Vision

IMPACT is a daylong workshop celebrating the heritage of Civil Rights Movements in the United States by resourcing students to take civil action in contemporary civil rights struggles. The seminar will be held on Martin Luther King Day – January 20, 2014. The mission of the seminar is to foster a culture of ongoing student engagement in creating a more just and humane world.
The vision of IMPACT is three-fold:

  • Students, we want to build on your passions by creating a forum where you can explore civic engagement as a lifestyle choice and be mentored by talented individuals who have chosen the same in their lives.
  • We want to provide you with resources. This means working on tools for civil action such as community organizing strategies, utilizing effective media and communications strategies, and building awareness about key issues that affect our lives and our campus.
  • Finally, we want to provide a place where all of you can connect these skills with real-life injustices and explore how you might use your gifts and talents for concrete social change.

WHY should I go?

If you find yourself on this site than it’s likely that you’re a student who is already committed “…to pursuing truth, to giving compassionate service and to participating in the creation of a more just and humane world.” This could be the beginning of something new and wonderful ! Maybe it is another milestone along the way! Whatever the reason, if you’re looking to have a fun, meaningful day with friends and other folks passionate about the changing the world, then this is the day for you!
In the pursuit of IMPACT’s mission, we recognize that many of our students desire and need more preparation, exposure and skill-building in the area of civic engagement and social activism. Dr. King fully engaged college students in civil rights work by training them and leading them in understanding non-violence philosophy and tactics. This is what you’ll be doing at IMPACT.


Information taken from: http://beta.dom.edu/service/ImpACT/


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