Sustainable Christmas Decorations in the Library

In collaboration with 4RFuture, Dominican University’s Sustainability Initiative, the Rebecca Crown Library is proud to present the Second Annual Sustainable Christmas Display.  All items on display have been constructed using recycled or re-purposed materials.


The large snowflakes hanging in the central staircase were constructed from old government maps of Illinois that were withdrawn from the library collection.

NUC Christmas Tree
The tree, featured in a previous post, is adorned with garland made from the recycled covers of 24 volumes of Index Medicus, as well as snowflakes made from the pages of books withdrawn from the collection.  Surrounding the tree are books from our giveaway table that have been wrapped in recycled newspaper and old maps, and bound with ribbon made from old cassette and VHS tapes.

Mini-trees have been placed on all of the study tables in the library.  These trees were made from volumes of Environmental Health Perspectives and Vital & Health Statistics, government documents that were withdrawn from the collection.

Our display was designed by Bryan Deziel, Jill Bambenek, and Elena Maans.  Special thanks to the following library staff and student employees for their assistance with the construction of the display: Bryan Deziel; Sharon Tobin; Kitty Rhoades; Rosa Martinelli; Patrick Hussey; Amanda Jachec; Gabby Vazquez; Jill Metcalf; Miranda Skeehan; Tori Goodman; Imani Davis; Brianna Martin; Maia Martin; Monica Tamrazi; Kelsey Keithly; Kassandra Cruz;  AJ Stites; David McCullough; and Kate Marsh.


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