All things British

Spanish InquisitionIn a move as unexpected as the Spanish Inquisition, surviving Monty Python members will reunite for a one-off show at London’s O2 Arena. Scheduled for July next year, tickets for the event went on sale on November 25. Prices start at £26.50. Gifts of shrubbery optional.

TolkienIn a slightly more expected move, following a recent success of the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit adaptations, JRR Tolkien biopic seems to be in the works. Produced by Fox Searchlight, the movie will chronicle key moments in the novelist’s early life and give us an excuse to raid library shelves and reread Silmarillion for the fifth time.

Finally, lest we dare to forget that greatest of Brits, William Shakespeare, here is BBC Culture’s Solvej Shou to the rescue.

For those who prefer their Bard sans Chris Hemsworth and his ‘mew-mew’ hammer, Chicago’s own Shakespeare Theater has had a smashing, $20 per ticket deal going on for years now. Check it out!


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