Chicago’s CTA Upgrading Wireless to 4G Coverage

Dominican University’s student body consists of approximately 52% commuter students traveling from all over Chicago’s neighborhoods and suburbs. Dominican University is only 10 miles from downtown Chicago and students can make the commute traveling on the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA). On September 26, 2013 a plan was announced that the subway system will be upgrading their wireless network form 1G technology (minimal phone functions) to a more reliable network of 4G technology. This upgrade will allow riders to maintain signal and service while traveling through the subway, providing riders with the capability to have cell phone conversations, internet search ability, email access as well as CTA bus tracker access. The estimated beginning of this wireless upgrade should be expected mid-2014, which will be funded through the CTA’s annual capital program, but until the upgrade is completed the current wireless network will remain active. According to the CTA, on an average day the public transportation system serves an average of 1.6 million riders, serving as the second largest public transportation system in the nation. Therefore this technological innovation to the public transportation system, made by the CTA, is dire to both those of the Chicago community as well as those of the Dominican University community.

For more information on commuter student accessibility, check out the following links:


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