Ask a Stupid Question Today

In the United States, September 28th (or the last school day of September) is celebrated as: Ask a Stupid Question Day. This holiday stems back to the 1980’s when teachers began a movement to challenge their students to ask more questions within the classrooms. Teachers began this holiday because students were overtly sitting back not asking any questions in fear of being tormented by other classmates, for asking what they felt was a “stupid” question. Ask a Stupid Question day allows students a day of freedom to ask any and all the questions they might have without the likelihood of being tormented by other students. But let us each be honest, we have all been in a situation ourselves where we have thought or even said the line “this may be a stupid question but…” There should be no shame in asking a “stupid” question because as Forrest Gump says “Stupid is as stupid does.”  Stupid Question


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