How to Act and Protect Your Freedom to Read.

bbTo top off the celebration of Banned Books week, the final step is to become a globally active citizen and act to protect your freedom to read. There are three different approaches that can be taken to act and protect your freedom to read, which consist of staying informed, challenging censorship, and to support your local schools and libraries. There are several ways in which you could stay informed and they consist of being presenting and aware of what is happening, be present at school and library boards as well as PTA meetings, in addition to branching out and connecting with groups that are persistent in reserving their right to read, such as The Freedom To Read Foundation and The National Coalition Against Censorship.  Several approaches that can be taken to challenging censorship is to write letters to public officials,  develop an association to oppose censorship in local area, and of course document the censorship to the ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom. Lastly, the different approaches that can be taken in supporting local schools and libraries would be to of course participate in Banned Books week in addition to teaming up with others from your local library. 


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