More Notable Banned Books



A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer

60748A Child Called It was written as an autobiography by Dave Pelzer in 1995, based on his life as a child growing up with an alcoholic mother. This novel was written as the first volume of Pelzer’s trilogy, and is depicted through the eyes of a child suffering from tortuous child abuse through unpredictable games and starvation. Pelzer (the child in this novel) survived through his willpower to live and his dreams, dreams that one day he will be loved, taken care of and calling him their son. This child survived by learning how to “play” his mothers games seeing as how he was living in the basement, was only fed rotten scraps, and was regarded no longer as a boy but a mere “it”. This novel was challenged in 2013 for its intense description of child abuse.



Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

Thirteen Reasons Why was written by Jay ThirteenReasonsWhy Asher as a young-adult fiction novel, becoming a 2007 New York Times best selling young-adult fiction novel. This story is about Hannah Baker, who was a high school student who committed suicide through the means of pills from a small town. Upon her death, she left behind two set of tapes to be distributed, one set was for those who had either influenced her suicide and how they played a role and the second was for those who had helped her. This novel was challenged due to its use of sexual, drug and alcohol references, as well as the topic of suicide which was seen unsuited for the age group in which was primarily reading the novel.


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