Celebrating Banned Books Week

Banned Books Week is an annual celebration encouraging one’s own freedom to read as well as to increase awareness of books currently being challenged or banned in the United States. Banned Books Week takes place during the last week of September, and has been ever since 1982. The importance of this awareness celebration is to highlight the literacy works that have been challenged or banned within the previous year, typically due to their “unorthodox or unpopular viewpoints”. The limited availability of these books takes control away from the public, limiting their freedom to read, and prevents them from developing their own opinions and conclusions on a certain literacy work. This week is designed to help encourage readers to fight for their freedom to have open access to literacy works, by the allowance of all literacy works to be publicly available, as well as heighten national awareness to the harms brought by censorship. During this week the entire book community, whether it is authors, teachers, librarians, readers, booksellers, etc. come together in the unity to bring awareness and fight for the freedom to read.

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