Fall Research Lifesaver Workshops are now available to attend!

Take control of your research and get better grades by tracking your sources and automatically generating citations with Zotero.   Learn the search secrets of Google and Google Scholar  and find more reliable information more quickly.  Upcoming workshops are listed below, and the schedule  is available here.

We are offering two online Zotero webinars for our off-campus students or for those of you who can’t make it to the  on-campus workshops.


  • Collect citations automatically on the web.
  • Store citations on your own computer, as well as access on the web.
  • Create bibliographies and share references with your co-author(s) or team members.


  • Use Google’s advanced search to find reliable information more quickly.
  • Learn how Google works, how it customizes search results, and discover alternative search engines.
  • Explore Google Scholar and Google Books.