New in the Labs: A Student’s View of Mendeley

You may have heard the word “Mendeley” around campus lately. One of our GSLIS students spent some time working with Mendeley to give his perspective on using it for his work. If you want to learn more about Mendeley, come take one of our library workshops.

Written by Rajeev Mathai

Mendeley is a free reference manager, citation manager, and research organizer. This web tool and website was initially a bit hard to figure out. However, once I became familiar with it, its many features were astounding.
Mendeley has a “live” text search which goes through all of the papers. It also has a feature to share and synchronize your library. In addition, Mendeley’s research database contains over 200 million documents. Through testing, I found Mendeley can work on an iPhone, iPad, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. It also offers access anywhere at any time to one’s citations and documents.
Mendeley requires a username and password. Once entered and contractual terms are agreed to, you are in! Setup takes only ten minutes. Mendeley is great for research in academic departments such as Business, History, English, and GSLIS. It costs nothing for 1GB of storage, and premium plans are available at a modest cost. Mendeley targets researchers and scientists in undergraduate, graduate, and PhD programs. It truly serves scholars and educators.
I think the Dominican University community can really benefit from this research tool. It is easy to use and a great research organizer. It will really help me to bring clarity to my own research. It also enables students to easily link to and learn from the expert research in their particular discipline. Mendeley really brings reference management to another level. Scholars will be able to organize their research libraries and in the process do collaborative work with others and discover current research statistics. With Mendeley researchers can now connect, share ideas, ask questions or start a discussion. It will also help academic library managers to gain insight into the way researchers work and use their library collections.

Rajeev is an August 2012 graduate of the Graduate School of Library and Information Science.


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