October is National Information Literacy Awareness Month

October is one of my favorite months – a month to harvest, a month to dress up in Halloween costumes, and a month to celebrate the National Information Literacy Awareness Month. You may wonder what that is – information literacy? Why not try playing this game developed by the librarians at the University of South Carolina, Greensboro. I am sure by the end of the game you may feel a little bit more familiar with information literacy.

President Obama proclaimed in 2009 that October is the National Information Literacy Awareness Month. Librarians from all over the country are celebrating. The librarians from the Crown Library would like to share some information literacy tips with you:

  • Google is definitely searchable but please pay attention to where the information comes from; .gov – a government agency; .edu – an educational institution; .org – a non-profit organization; .com – a company. Also consider the currency, authority, reliability, and point of view of the information posted on the Web.
  • Tons of scholarly journals and newspapers are kept in the library’s databases. Visit us often at www.dom.edu/library .
  • Always cite your sources. No matter where it comes from, please be ethical and give credit to where it is due. Don’t want to bother checking the citation manuals, check out Zotero at www.zotero.org and let the free program do all the magic for you.


-Ning Zou, Instruction Coordinator


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