Better Know a Library: Day 2

It is the magical combination today of… National Library Week, National Library Workers Day, and National Student Employment Week. What better way to commemorate today than a profile of some of our rockstar student workers at the Rebecca Crown Library? They keep the books on the shelves, the stapler stocked, the computers turned on, and generally keep the library together. Couldn’t do it without them!


Molly is a sociology major who has been working at the library for five semesters. She was working the early shift at the circulation desk when we caught up with her. Her favorite part of working at the library? “Shelving books is fun.” We couldn’t agree more! The second floor is a nice place to work because it’s so quiet. But when the talking gets too rambunctious, she is not a fan. But even when it is loud, “This is one of the better campus jobs,” she says.


Monica is a biology major who has been working at the library for two years. This morning she was working at the second floor information desk, where she gets to do her favorite job at the library, meeting new people and helping them out. “I especially like helping freshmen–they look lost, and I was once in their shoes.” It gets very noisy in the library sometimes, and Monica has to ask people politely to keep it down so we can “keep the essence of the library.”


As a political science major with a concentration in law and a minor in philosophy, John is no stranger to books. He has been working at the library for the past two years. He loves watching everyone in the library interact. “We must see 150 people in a shift.” His least favorite part of his job is clearing out printer jams and all the other crazy things the printers sometimes do. “Working here has been a wonderful experience–unlike anything I would have expected working at a library.”


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