Better Know a Library: Day 1

It’s National Library Week, and to help you celebrate, we are taking you behind the scenes of the Rebecca Crown Library. Get to know the collections, the staff, why you should be quiet on the second floor and loud on the bottom floor, and answer the question once and for all– great library or greatest library?

Rebecca Crown Library Quiz

You should use your phone in the library to…

A) Chat about what happened last weekend while sitting in a quiet study area.

B) Text your study group to let them know you will meet them in a group study room on the second floor.

C) Text a librarian at 708-689-9524.

D) Both B) and C)

You should start your research at…

A) The library website

B) Wikipedia

C) Amazon

D) All the above, assuming you have the Browser Toolbar installed.

Got a question for a librarian? You could…

A) Post on the library’s Facebook wall or send us a tweet @domlibrary.

B) Stand on the spiral staircase and shout.

C) Any of these methods.

D) Either A) or C)

Answers: D for all.

Next time on Better Know a Library…

Get to know our student workers, since it’s also National Student Employees Week.


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