Final Event of Open Access Week 2009


Thursday, October 22nd
Creative Commons, Caroline Sietmann (Library)
Time: 1:00-2:15pm
Location: Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence (Parmer 115)

Creative Commons (CC) is a non-profit organization working to help authors choose the terms of their copyrights and to increase the amount of materials in the “commons.” CC offers 6 legal licenses authors can apply to their work as an alternative to signing away all their rights to a publisher and as a way to increase the impact of their scholarship and creative works. As more and more CC-licensed work is available on the free Web, we need to understand the terms of the licenses and how we can help students use those works legally and ethically. In this workshop you’ll learn about the licenses and how they work with copyright, how to apply a CC license to your own work and how to find CC-licensed scholarship, audio, video, photographs, learning objects and more for use in the classroom. This event is part of the Technology Bytes series.


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