Day 2 of Open Access Week



Tuesday, October 20th
Author Rights, Lauren Romeo & Tyler Works (GSLIS)
Time: 4:30-5:30pm
Location: Bluhm Lecture Hall (Parmer 108)

When publishing the results of your research, you sign a publisher’s agreement that stipulates how the publisher and how you, the author, can use your research. The agreement may require you to give up some or all of your rights, limiting your research’s dissemination and use. But, you do not have to sign the agreement as is. You can change it so that you retain some or all of your rights, and so that you decide how your research will be disseminated. Learn about your options as an author, and will provide you with tools you can use to understand and amend publishers’ agreements and retain your rights. It will also inform you of emerging publishing methods, such as open access journals and repositories, you can use in addition to or in place of traditional journal and monograph publishing. It is not a primer on copyright law, but focuses on how you can protect your own copyright. This session is led by students in the Graduate School of Library & Information Science, and we especially welcome students from all of Dominican’s graduate schools.


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