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The fountain on the library patio was started up again over the summer.  Take time to eat your lunch or study out there before it’s turned off for the season and covered in snow.  No swimming.



Information for Copying Movies and Music in the Media Center

The following FAQs are intended to inform the faculty, staff and students at Dominican University about copyright and to provide guidelines for using and reproducing copyrighted audio visual (AV) materials.  This information is also available in the Media Center and on the Center’s web site:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Media Center make a copy of a movie or sound recording from my personal collection?
We will make a copy if you are using the material for educational purposes and only if you have written permission from the copyright holder. Columbia University has detailed information on how to seek permission from the copyright holder.  They also offer a downloadable model permissions letter.

Can the Media Center make a copy of a movie or sound recording from the Center’s collection for my personal collection?
The Media Center does not copy movies or music for personal collections.

Can the Media Center copy a VHS from the Center’s collection onto DVD?
If the VHS is damaged, deteriorating, lost or stolen AND if we cannot purchase the DVD at a fair price, we can make a DVD copy for the Media Center collection.

Can the Media Center make a copy of a DVD so there are more available for my students?
If we cannot purchase another DVD(s) at a fair price, we can make up to 3 copies for the Media Center collection.

Can I show a movie from the Media Center collection in my class?
According to the Dominican University Film Policy, you may show a movie in class IF:

• The movie is an “integral part of a class session”
• The viewing is supervised by a teacher in a classroom.
• The viewing is attended only by students enrolled in a registered class of an accredited nonprofit educational institution.

Public viewing requires a license from the copyright holder.  For information, please contact the Office of Student Involvement at 708-524-6037.

Can the Media Center digitize sound recordings and put them online?
Yes.  The digital files will only be available through computers on the Dominican University campus.