Celebrating Sr. Jeanne Crapo- University Archivist

srjeanneThe Library recently held a party to honor  Sr. Jeanne Crapo, University Archivist. In the Springer Suite a large crowd of well-wishers enjoyed refreshments and shared stories about Sr. Jeanne’s many contributions to the University. Speeches were given by Bella Gerlich, University Librarian, University President Donna Carroll and former Library Director Inez Ringland. The Library presented Sr. Jeanne with a wall hanging that includes an icon portrait of St. Francis de Sales, patron saint of authors. This gift is especially meaningful as Sr. Jeanne is moving on to a new stage in her professional life – author. Sr. Jeanne is writing a book about the history of Dominican University.

Sr. Jeanne - Thank You! 107At the party Sister Jeanne encouraged the faculty and staff to “Think Archives” and contribute their publications, lectures, institutional records, materials related to student activities and organizations, and any other materials that may be of value to the archives. Lists of many of these materials are now available on the University’s Archives web site.  Click here to see more photos.

We wish Sr. Jeanne well in her new endeavors.


9 thoughts on “Celebrating Sr. Jeanne Crapo- University Archivist”

  1. Many warm wishes to you, Sr. Jeanne. You will always be one of my heros and role models. We have not heard the last from you, I know. Lucky us!

  2. I am so glad to hear that Sr. Jeanne was honored. Sr. Jeanne was my Advisor back in my Rosary College days. She was and is such a wonderful person. She always challenged me and made sure I lived up to my potential. She encouraged me then to keep up with my journal, which is something I still do to this day. I always look forward to seeing her when I visit the campus. Viva Sr. Jeanne Crapo!!!!!

  3. Sr. Jeanne is a remarkable human being! We are all so lucky to have her in our lives. She certainly changed my live for the better — way back in the 1970s. And I’ve been enjoying that growth spurt ever since! Love to her, Pat Bares, Saluda, NC

  4. Sr. Jeanne has always been a blessing and a resource to all who have come in contact with her. Truly, she can do “all things through Christ
    who strengthens…”.

    Anyone who has worked with her respects her commitment and helpfulness.

    All the best to Sister in her future endeavors!

    Audre, Class of ’57

  5. Congratulations to Sr. Jeanne! She is truly an inspiration and I wish her all the best.

    MLIS 2007

  6. Congratulations to Sr. Jeanne–a truly wonderful woman! Best of luck to you and I can’t wait to read your book!

  7. To Whom It May Concern:

    I am trying to get in touch with Sr. Jeanne Crapo. Does she have an e-mail address?

    Thank you in advance.

    Christina Smith
    Rosary College ’96

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