Text message reference from Mosio

Back in October, I posted about ChaCha, a mobile phone-based question and answer service.  Almost 2 months later, I am still waiting for an answer to my question, “How many number 1 songs has Bruce Springsteen had?”  On advice from a Rebecca Crown Library blog reader, I decided to ask the same question using Mosio.

Mosio, a “people powered mobile search,” is a community of texters that ask and answer questions for each other.  That appealed to me right away.  Whereas I liked that the people answering questions at ChaCha had gone through training, I also like the sense of community and trust that can build up on tools like Mosio.  Mosio also has several apps, such as reminders, the ability to ask questions through Twitter, and a magic 8 ball.  Some libraries are beta-testing a Mosio app for reference questions.

So, how do I ask a question?  I couldn’t find a number to send my question to.  Maybe community really means community and I need to join?  I created my user name and password and entered my email and digits.  I received confirmation text and email messages, both of which I had to verify, and was told I could start asking questions by sending a text to ask@mosio.com.

Wait, my phone is too 2004 and I can’t text to email addresses.  Mosio acknowledges that this may happen and gives one the opportunity to test her/his phone.  I did the test and never received my ping.  Meaning, my phone doesn’t work with Mosio.  I set up my account, joined the community, verified my digits, all to find out my phone doesn’t work.  Too much work for no reward.  In theory, Cha Cha, which does not require an account and only requires you to text a prominently displayed phone number, is better.  But, again, I’ve been waiting 2 months for a response from Cha Cha.

You could count my ability to answer questions for other Mosio users as a reward, though.  I count it.  I can’t guarantee I’ll have time to log in and find answers, but maybe some day.

I haven’t had good luck so far with text reference.  Any other tools I should try?  To those who have 2008 phones, try Mosio and let us know how soon you get a reply and how satisfied you are with that reply.  And send me recommendations for a new phone.

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