Dr. Inez Ringland’s Retirement Celebration

The Dominican University community arrived en masse this past Monday to help Inez celebrate over 23 years of service as Director of the Rebecca Crown Library.

Inez has been affiliated with the university for over 30 years, having received her undergraduate degree and graduate degree in Library Science from Rosary College. Inez began her career in librarianship at DePaul University. While at DePaul she earned her M.A in Philosophy and began work towards a Ph.D. Inez spent 9 years at DePaul before returning to Dominican as Director of the Library. Inez’s many accomplishments include leading a retrospective conversion of the library’s catalog records and bringing the catalog online, and streamlining the cataloging and circulation procedures , all while raising a family and finishing her Ph.D.

Although no longer the Director of the Library, we’ll still see Inez on campus, as she will teach a Senior Seminar course this fall. Inez will certainly remain busy as ever, tending her garden and starting her
“new career” as babysitter for her two grandchildren.

We thank you again, Inez, for all your contributions to Dominican and wish you well in the future.


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