Earth Day 2008: Printing

The Library provides free printing. But we do ask you to please conserve paper whenever possible.

If you don’t absolutely need a hard copy of an article, you could:
• save the PDF or HTML full text to your flash drive
• save the citation in your RefWorks account. RefWorks contains ArticleLinker so you can easily get from your account back to the full text of the article (if the full text is available)
• email yourself the full text right from the database

When printing PowerPoint slides, you have several options. You can print up to 9 slides per page and can save ink by changing colored backgrounds to white. In the print dialog box, just choose the following options:
• Under “Print what,” choose Handouts
• Under “Slides per page,” choose up to 9 slides per page. Check the preview to the right of the menu for each option to see how much room you would have for taking notes.
• Under “Color/grayscale,” choose Pure Black and White. This eliminates the slide background and changes the text to black
• Use Print Preview to see exactly what you’re printing

We unfortunately do not have the ability to print double-sided. But we can all follow the tips above to save paper. Thank you.


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