Did you feel Friday morning’s earthquake? I know I did; windows were rattling and tables were shaking. If you felt the earth move, the United States Geological Survey would like to hear your story at:

For a summary of Friday’s earthquake, go to Be sure to click on the Details, Summary, Maps and Scientific & Technical Tabs.

USGS links to other earthquake-related resources:
Central United States Earthquakes. A map of historical earthquakes superimposed on a satellite image.

Three Centuries of Earthquakes: Earthquakes in the Central United States, 1699-2002. Shows the distribution of earthquakes in the Central United States, focusing on Illinois and Indiana.

Have you ever wondered what to do before, during, and, if you’re lucky, after an earthquake?
Earthquake Safety Guide for Homeowners, published by the Federal Emergency Management Agency Washington, D.C. offers advice on preparing your home in advance of an earthquake, and tips on surviving an earthquake and what to do in the aftermath.

That only needs a finger touch from God
To spring it like a deadfall and the fault
In nature would wipe out all human fault.
Robert Frost


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