Feeling Censored?

BB Display

Banned Books Week was a definite success–with displays throughout Dominican University we raised awareness and encouraged everyone to celebrate the freedom to read by, well, telling people they couldn’t partake in banned or challenged books. I hope you had time to check out the displays.

BB Table

The unofficial lego-tally asked Dominican students, faculty, and staff to vote for their favorite of five banned or challenged books by dropping legos into a corresponding vase. Voters could chose from To Kill a Mockingbird, A Light In the Attic, The Great Gatsby, Harry Potter, and Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret. The Great Gatsby and To Kill a Mockingbird incited the greatest reaction, as both were read (and for the most part, greatly loved) in high school English classes. The final count reflects this:

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Also successful was the dual screening of The Hollywood Librarian with a total of 108 Dominican viewers over the course of the week.

Congratulations to Diane, assistant professor in Library and Information Science, and Cybill, sophomore in Graphic Design for winning the “I read banned books” tote bags.

Continue to celebrate your freedom year-round. Read.


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