Aloha Rebecca Crown

In an attempt to diversity Dominican’s collection of music resources, an unseen rockin’ Robin Hood has stole from basements, attics and flea markets, and given to the Library. Several ukuleles, or semblances thereof, have mysteriously appeared in our stacks.

San strings, this first uke still puts its new owner at peace with its siesta scenes. Don’t ask her a hard question between 12:00 and 3:00 as she is usually asleep at her desk.


The second uke, complete with strings, was claimed by our resident musician. Little ditties such as “By the Light of the Silvery Moon,” “Home on the Range” and AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long” are heard coming from his office.


Hood upped the ante with the 3rd instrument, the Polkalele.


This bad boy sits proudly atop the desk of its new owner, who has been known to cut a mean rug whenever she hears accordion music.

Said owner has noticed that instruments appear some time in the middle of the month. But mid-August has come and gone without tiny bubbles. We have no other clues as to the identity of Hood or his motive.


3 thoughts on “Aloha Rebecca Crown”

  1. You guys made me laugh 🙂 Love our first blog entry — very entertaining. I am glad that I wasn’t there as I only learned to play fiddle for a year and I thought I might become a carpenter so I decided to stop sawing anymore 😛

  2. hey–I just saw one of these Polkalele’s on a freinds wall the other day. You know anything about them? She said it cam from a bar in Chicago–it says Polkalele on it –lke it was pressed in to the wood.

  3. I know what it is. My folks have one that they plan to sell. It originally came from Polk Brothers, the now defunct appliance store that was around in the 1960’s. The instrument, according to my mother, was a promotional item, which I believe was to commemorate a grand opening. They were given out at the opening of the store, if I remember correctly. There are a very limited number.

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